Who is iloyd
Who Is iloyd
iloyd (aka tolga gurpinar)

Hey. This is Iloyd (aka Tolga) . I'm producing electronic music since 1993 and happily sharing most of my work over the net. I've recorded several albums since 1997 and lately got back into composing new stuff for the project Under Age.

If you like to license my music for commercial use you can do via Pump Audio LLC. They made it possible for my tracks to be licensed by networks like MTV, VH1, Discovery, History, etc.

Other than music I do graphics, sound design and photography for living. I work for Spectrasonics full-time as art director.
What is iloyd
iloyd 1996

Iloyd started off as a character I created in 1996 while drawing some silly pictures to entertain a six years old kid, Esin. Later on, the drawing inspired me to create an electronic music album for children. Thus "The Story Of Iloyd" was born.

Afterwards I changed my direction to different music genres like ambient, worldfusion, electronica, etc. and released the albums Alive and Crossroads in 2000 and 2002.

In 2003 I decided to use "Iloyd" as my solo band project name.
tolga 1983

During my early childhood years in Istanbul, I was inspired by the natural and textural diversity of the land and the Black Sea stretching north of the city.

A short video (age 1 to 4 ) from 8mm films

Electronics was another appealing mystery. I spent a lot of time drawing all sorts of electronic gadgets. Interestingly the most attractive devices for me were stuff like microphones, tape machines, catode ray tubes -yes, I once wantedone as a birthday present :) -, spotlights, cameras, etc... which were all linked to show business somehow!


And music was another mystery which later evolving into a passion for electronic music.


My first favorite records were Shadows LPs and a disco LP called Hot R.S. I was 4 then. The songs, Slow Blow or Delta Queen on the latter one were my favourites, and I kept asking my parents to play it over and over again. Naturally, in those years I couldn't possibly grasp the reason behind the blushed faces of my parents, that were caused by the erotic pre-orgasm screams of a woman, in the song!

My first musical instruments were a mandolin and a bomtempi acoustic toy piano when I was 4 years old. The black keys on the piano were missing, so I broke a hole under the tines and bended them to get eerie buzzing sounds out of it. Then my first electronic instrument came; it was a mini keyboard with rubber keys like a pocket calculator, called Electron Echo Piano; then a Casio PT, followed by an MT, then a Yamaha PSS680, then a 790, then a Roland U-220, JV80, JD990, 1080, XV5080, Korg Z1, Triton, Prophecy, Virus.... now just software synthesizers. :)


One of my favorites toy was viewmaster which is a stereoscopic image viewer with thousands of image reels of 3D photos taken all around the world between the 50ies to the 70ies.. Those images are so realistic (and poetic in a way) that you feel you're looking through a window of a time/place travel ship. To see the stereo images of frozen-in-time people, makes you afraid yet fascinated. And if the instant is from a mountain top, looking down the earth, you lose your balance and you're amazed of the height. And sometimes those instants are from far cultures, they confuse you and you wonder. I still keep the reels and the original viewer from my childhood along with reels I collected later. Perhaps viewmaster was one influence that led me to be a photographer.


I could never be sure of what to be when I grow up and I kept changing my mind. Either a news reporter, a doctor, a musician, a cameraman, or a scientist...




And I'm not sure yet! :)

iloyd (aka tolga gurpinar)