IloSynth is a genuine sounding small virtual analog softsynth in VST format.

Download iloSynth-1 v1.6 (~1mb)

A couple nice patch libraries for iloSynth: Ann Bank1 by Nolwenn and AAG by Andrej A. Golob

What's new in 1.6:

- Added Chorus FX
- Added a few more presets

What's new in 1.5:

- New GUI design
- New TEMPO SYNC DELAY with with stereo depth control
- Pitch ENV is now universal with seperate depth control for OSC1 and OSC2.
- LFO's now have real tempo sync mode. (tempo read from host)
- Filter 1 Lowpass mode is changed from 12db to 24db.
- There is small AMP DECAY knobs for OSC 2 and NOISE to control their decay before main AMP ENVELOPE stage.
- New ON/OFF switch for Filter 2.

- ilo-Synth is now 5 notes polyphonic.

What's new in 1.1:

- Osc Sync option in OSC1 for Hard Lead and 'Laser Harp' type sounds.
- Resolved 'left channel only' problem in SONAR.


- 4 Polyphonic with Mono and Legato modes.
- 2 Oscilators + Noise. OSC1 has exclusive pitch envelope.
- Serial Filter1 and Filter2: Filter1 has 2pole LP, BP, HP, Notch modes; Filter2 is fixed at 4pole Moog mode.
- Independent Envelopes for Pitch, Filter and Amp. Filter Envelope Depth can be controlled by Midi Velocity.
- LFOs are Syncable to internal tempo given in Tempo Slider. (LFOs are in 'retrigger' mode when synced.)
- LFO2 Rate can be modulated by Pitch Envelope.
- Ring modulation and FM.

A very nice iloSynth user demo by Telurica using factory presets, Ann Bank and AAG libraries:

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